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Strong, Compelling Debut - 90%

OzzyApu, October 16th, 2006

To start off, we all know Dimmu Borgir today as sell out peaces of shit. However, back in the day the used to actually be something. Along with Dimmu's cousin Satyricon, Borgir began playing typical Black Metal, but with a touch of essence. While I don't generally like raw, straight-up Black Metal, Dimmu really hit the debut nail with For All Tid. The cover art drew me into this, but the music blew me away.

“Det Nye Riket” displays the soft, melancholic, and dreary tone of Dimmu’s music, while the double guitar-charge of “Under Korpens Vinger” and “Glittertind” between Silenoz and Tjodalv kicks into heavy gear. Balance of both melody and riffage comes to terms on the title track and “Den Gjemte Sannhets Hersker”, both of which are far from the corny operatic orchestras shown on their later albums. The record really never reaches a climatic point because no track truly stands out more than another by far. Dimmu Borgir effectively keep the music simplistic while incorporating whatnot here and there, and in the end creating successful tracks.

Silenoz provides guitars and he lays down his grim throat on the mic, creating the ideal vocals for any Black Metal band (much more low-key than Shagrath’s). This, combined with Shagrath's on-key drumming and Aarstad's ever-enchanting keyboard playing and effects, creates an atmosphere that lasts for all time. Many would complain about the production, but it really isn't that bad, especially since there has been a re-released version for over ten years. It solemnly fits with the music extremely well anyways, which adds pleasure to the sound.

Although the album completely fixes around the keyboard melodies and the riffs, I still highly recommend picking this up, as it steers clear of their cheesy, over-the-top later crap in all aspects; you won't be disappointed.

Din Tid...Er Kommet...