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For All Tid - 90%

Lars_Stian, February 6th, 2017

I get that Dimmu Borgir is somewhat of a taboo within the black metal scene, and is viewed as the worst band ever, however give credit where credit is due. I'd personally argue that ''For All Tid'' is a horribly underrated album, and to not let any bias get in the way of enjoying a great black metal album.

There is a very clear influence from Emperor (and perhaps Gehenna's ''First Spell'' as well), and that is certainly not a bad thing. Though they take a lot of inspiration, they transfer it into something different, and though I see resemblance, it does in no way feel like a rip off. The combination of synth and heavily distorted guitars creates a brilliant and epic atmosphere, and the Lord of the Rings vibe is very strong. If I were to summarise the sound in just one simple sentence, I would say that it sounds like Lord of the Rings (and as a big LOTR fan, I'd argue that it is a very good thing). Whenever I listen to ''For All Tid'', I imagine the Nazg├╝l riding their horses through the dark night in a melancholic and somber eternity. Many claim that Summoning is the go-to band for LOTR inspired BM, however I'd say that I strongly prefer this album over any summoning album.

The guitars and the synth play a somewhat equal role, as they both are predominant in the mix. All songs follow a medium-fast pace, and both tremolo picking, chords and let ring are present in the guitars. There's also use of acoustic guitars, which adds a lot to the overall atmosphere. The synth makes the album sound epic, and it adds to the atmosphere as well. There are a lot of progression in most songs, as there are a magnitude of riffs in each song. The transitions don't feel out of place for the most parts, however there are instances where changes seem a bit forced, which can break the atmosphere.

The vocals are actually quite good, both the clean and the shrieks. Though the clean vocals sound somewhat amatour-like, there's a certain charm to the imperfections in them. The growling vocals also have the same characteristics, they feel more honest and imperfect, which gives the album some character.

Overall, I'd say that ''For All Tid'' is a great black metal album, and would definitely recommend it to anyone new to the genre.