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A Real Black Metal Album From Dimmu Borgir - 86%

Jiri777, July 30th, 2009

“For All Tid” is the first effort from the infamous band, Dimmu Borgir. Although the band grew for “Stormblast”, this album is very solid.

“For All Tid” is an album that kind of grows on you. At first, you will notice the great amount of instrumentals on this album. However, once you really listen to the instrumentals you will realize that they are beautiful. “Det Nye Riket” is an instrumental dominated by snyth and piano. It has a nice medieval-like melody that lasts for five minutes. A perfect opener for this album. “Glittertind” is an amazing instrumental. It has all the regular metal instruments played very atmospherically. It really does not miss the vocals.

Speaking of vocals, Silenoz, Shagrath and Aldran of Dodheimsgard are present here. Silenoz handles the duty most of the time. He is a very good vocalist with passionate screams resembling a demon. His rasps are atmospheric and fit the medieval sound of the music satisfactorily. Shagrath sounds very similar to Silenoz on “For All Tid”. He does not suck just yet here. His nasal computerized vocals are not present yet. He has a nice high-pitched rasp that is so similar to Silenoz that you can barely hear a difference. Aldran gets lead vocals on one song here; “Over Bleknede Blåaer Till Dommedag”. He performs clean vocals and harsh vocals. His clean vocals is typical Viking baritone singing. Low-pitched and not so powerful. He sounds good singing but he is no Garm (Arcturus, Ulver). Aldran’s harsh vocals are his usual gruff shouts. He has very unique shouting vocals that work on this album.

Guitars are provided by Shagrath and Silenoz. Shagrath really should have stuck with guitars because he is a horrendous vocalist nowadays. His guitar playing here is very adequate. He has a nice atmospheric sound and he can carry a mean medieval tune. Silenoz and he wrote superb riffs for this album. They are not heavy or in your face at all. They are effective due to their atmosphere. Silenoz is the other guitarist and he can not really be depicted from Shagrath. Together they kick ass!

The drums are solid, but not the best. The drummer uses blast beats a lot and they are kind of in the background. They are not prominent, but in an album like this, they do not have to be. He uses 12/8 and 4/4 as well and performs them well.

Keyboards are present like they always are in Dimmu Borgir albums. They are very pretty. They clearly are influenced by folk or medieval music and it sounds really good.

The band’s only problem in this album is songwriting skills. I love the sound here, but they do not execute it as well as they could have. Songs like “Under Korpens Vinger” and “Den Gjente Sannhets Herpker” are poorly written with a few highlights. Some riffs stand out, but most of the melodies run together. These two songs are very unmemorable.
The best songs here are “Stein” and the instrumentals. “Stein” is only two minutes but it crushes! There is a folk flute that has a sick melody in it. It is very fast-paced and does not last long enough. It is a straight out folk song with metal instruments. It is seriously a masterpiece.

I recommend this album to real black metal fans. Dimmu Borgir were once a very good black metal band that was very elite at the time. They might have sold out, but a purchase of “For All Tid” is probably a good idea.