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Amazing album! Which I heard this first. - 88%

Chrispaks, November 13th, 2007

I, like many people I know, started off on the later versions of Dimmu. It was actually not bad at first, because I had not heard the earlier releases.

I am used to basically no creative riffs from them, and keyboard fills that are decent, along with raspy non-BMish vocals. Forever I was confused at why so many people hate Dimmu Borgir. I knew there HAD to be a reason for this, so I went back to their roots. All the way from their recent release to this gem of a buried album I am about to review.

Here we are: What I would consider an amazing piece of art. This is what is considered true black metal vocals: violent sounds that are not passable for all these nu-metal posers who think "IM SO HARDCOR3XZ I LISTEN TO DIMMU". You have to really like Black Metal (Burzum, Mayhem, and the rest of famous ones we all know of) to fully enjoy this experience. Like most bands at this time, drumming is not a huge key point (In fact, I dont think there is any blast beats around here-- unless I forgot about them). Of course bands like Death were pushing the boundaries of heaviness and complexity with Human and Individual Thought Patterns with the amazing drumming, this album brings black metal and symphony together beautifully. I've seen people complain about certain volumes of music, and personally I say they are fine in all the songs.

The factor of the music that made this album a hit from the get-go is the guitar. It actually has riffs! Not only riffs, but catchy riffs that aren't pop-bound Power Metal ones where you get tired after overlistening to it. Whoever dropped out of the band that played these genius riffs should be brought back. Serious.
Keyboards are always huge in symphony bands (I think they are basically mandatory in 99% of them). Anyways, the bottom line of the keyboards is: Good keyboards are good. They revolve around the guitar riffs perfectly, neither dominating each other or cancelling each other out. Its absolutely horrible to hear symphony and riffs colliding in a bad fashion-- a real bad taste can be left over. Though if done properly here, the product is well worth the listen! I won't devote a whole paragraph to the vocals, but just trust me that they are appropriate and much more 'tr00 kvlt' then their other releases (Now, I did not say at this point they are, as I cannot make out their lyrics as I speak only english).

The clean vocal interludes are sometimes atmospheric, giving us a Lord Of The Rings feeling. I guess you can get that from the cover.
The guitar soloing is also nice and in some parts "Emotional" as some people want (Aka, memorable, enjoyable to listen to, not a wall of notes [Dragonforce]).
What was also consistent is how each solo on this album has a meaning... has a feel... fits in the place like a correct puzzle piece. I dont give out high marks (I don't believe in 100%, but I do believe in 0%), and an 88% is pretty damn good.

I recommend anyone and everyone who enjoys their later stuff, or even hates it, to check this album out. I am quite thrilled at how well everything blends together. I usually am bored after a whole album is complete, and almost never do I listen to an album going "First time is a charm", but this did it. It ages with time, and only grows better.