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An Honest Review - 78%

PaganWinter_44, January 16th, 2006

I'm not going to repeat the same shit I've heard from these biased metallers. This album was decent. When I first heard it, I was satisfied with the riffs and drumming. The first song takes forever to start it seems, but it doesn't disappoint when it does. A string of other songs are well-performed, but can always use improvement. The overall feel of the album is that of any ordinary symphonic black metal album, except the music is loud, yet low enough for the lyrics to be heard.

Concerning the vocals: Shagrath has my respect for being able to pull off this kind of vocals without stripping his throat and gagging. It takes a lot to pull this stuff off. It is more of a gargle than a growl. He tries to be different than the other albums, which it is. Vortex's voice is rarely heard. His voice is like a solar eclipse. Rare, but much appreciated when it appears. If they would've given Vortex a little more space to show his voice, then it would be decent. However, this album doesn't really have a lot of open spaces for clean vocalists. It's sad that such talent is hidden away.

Concerning the keyboards: For Christ's sake, don't depend on them for every fucking song. Keyboards have become so cliche in their songs. The only song that I felt they truly belonged is "Blood Hunger Doctorine". At times, the keyboards are gone, and replaced by a full orchestra. This is where they lost me. It was like they were ripping off Haggard in a few songs. It is truly sad. I would hope that any real orchestral metal bands would have the common decency to do a better blend of orchestra and metal.

Other problems: The guitar riffs aren't the repetitive ones you find in other black metal bands. They do use a lot of double taps in almost every song. It is almost as if they are trying to rip-off System of a Down with the double taps. Intros need to fucking disappear. They obviously try to overexaggerate every song with a pointless intro. All of these intros are at least one minute long, sometimes more. My only question is: Are they trying to waste time or do they really think the intros make a difference?

Overall this album is decent if you like Dimmu. It's not their best by any means, but it is not the worst. Mostly, the only reason it's being dropped like this is because they sold on a bigger lable. Get over it. If you're into this type of music, then you will like it.