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For the tormented ones. - 80%

Funeral_Shadow, October 4th, 2005

Personally, I'm not a fan of live albums from a band (unless it's from a band deceased or a band that'll never perform ever again... or just most live albums suck in general.) Though, what Dimmu Borgir produced here is pretty... well, pretty good and smart of them!

Firstly, this mini-CD makes for a great collectors item for any true Dimmu Borgir fan because it's a shaped album. I believe this is a limited CD and I couldn't pass up on the idea of buying this CD. No, I'm not a huge fan of the band, but I bought it because it's a shaped CD, it's technically an EP and it was cheap (maybe a good $7.00.) I like the fact that this album is a live EP; it's not some full length live album. Like I said before, personally, most live albums aren't interesting to listen to... if I wanted to see a band live, I'd see them if they were to come my way. Though, this kind of live album is tolerable...

None the less, it's a damn good live album. All the songs sound like they should and not altered like most bands do with their material when they play live (like having different lyrics, pausing in between songs with some bullshit "this is your last chance... get the fuck up! C'mon!") Every instrument can be heard clearly surprisingly... the keyboards (which practically make the band up) could be heard slightly and that could've been a little bit louder. Other than that, there are no complaints with the production of the sound.

The live performance itself is pretty much an experience... damn these guys put up a great show this night I can imagine. They don't let up! They sound like they gave it their all in this mini-live album. Don't believe me? Take a listen to Nick on the drums... the guy sounds like a damn machine gun when blastbeating! Shagrath puts on a great vocal performance like wise (in the vein of his "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" days, not the later days.) Everything else, performance wise, is grand.

I suggest that, if you're a collector of albums, you should get this because it isn't much money and the actual music inside isn't bad at all. If you're a huge Dimmu Borgir fan, then get this before it sells out! For anyone else out there, it doesn't hurt to check this live album out... it practically sounds like an actual studio album rather than a live album so just pick it up for the hell of it. It's worthy of having a place in your CD collection.

Ear Candy: Tormentor Of Christian Souls and everything else on this album. "Tormentor..." really does it for me though because the performance on that track is bar-none great.