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A very promising new act. - 76%

Andromeda_Unchained, July 23rd, 2012

Wow, colour me surprised. I knew very little about Dimesland before taking the plunge with their debut EP Creepmoon. All did know was that the band played Progressive Metal. When I hit the play button I was assaulted with a crazed, technical style of Death/Thrash Metal that immediately reminded me of Piece of Time era Atheist which is certainly a good thing.

I’m salivating at the prospect of a full-length from Dimesland already. On Creepmoon the band catapulted their sound into my mind, like a poison javelin through the skull. The resulting poison forming a slithering mass, swirling through the mind, caressing the riff appreciation segment of the brain as well as any band in the style could. Dimesland display a truly insane style, the kind of which will have you rocking in the foetal position by the end of its just under 18-minute run time.

Early Atheist is definitely the best port of call for any sort of comparison, and I guess strands of Spiral Architect, Pyrrhon, and pretty much anything Ron Jarzombek has touched can be heard here as well. What sets this apart from the style, however, is the atmosphere. The band really nailed a creepy, unsettling atmosphere on the album, and I would say this lends from some of the creepier sides of the Black and Sludge Metal scenes, probably more so in the post-styles of said genres.

If there was any negative on Creepmoon it would be that half of the tracks are instrumental. However, I do think this strikes as somewhat of a double-edged sword. One the one hand the instrumentals do a good job in creating and maintaining the atmosphere, whilst on the other I do enjoy the vocals and it would have been nice to hear more. It would be great to see some longer songs on a full-length, as they could easily blend the unsettling atmosphere in and amongst some of the heavier, vocal-driven sections.

Overall though, Dimesland totally nailed it here. Excellent musicianship fused with a genuinely enveloping atmosphere is the name of the game, and Dimesland are definitely going to be a band to watch out for. This is one of the most interesting debut EP’s I’ve heard, I hope to see a full-length soon. Fans of bizarre, obscure Death and Thrash Metal need to hear this, as well as Progressive Metal fans with a penchant for aggression.

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