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What a glorious mess... - 86%

Snxke, June 2nd, 2004

Dimentianon's latest CD is a hammer-smashed mess of strange melodies, sinister aggression with a rather twisted set of lyrics. After buying this at the suggestion of a friend calling it "gothic metal" (ugh!) I had no clue of what to expect. (Mr. Von is notoriously hateful of anything related to the genre of "gothic".) This release though, was a pleasent suprise of sounds, lyrics and artwork that all built intself into a spire of hatred and filth that few could ignore.

The boys are obviously talented musicans and play furiously. The vocals creep and crawl with an appropriatly sinister fashion creating a mood of violence and emotional disrepair. Brilliant! The production may turn a few off, but as the old saying goes when used in terms of "darker" or "necro" production... "IF IT'S TOO HEAVY YOU'RE TOO WEAK!" The sonics, while unconventional, are absolutely stunning on this recording.

Dimentianon have many new directions to explore after this CD thankfully, as this one, like an good statement, leaves the band open to make even MORE (even fiercer) statements. In a world where extreme metal is often devoid in terms innovation and is constantly backing itself into a corner, Dimentianon is opening doors to a frightening sonic landscrapes that simply HAVE to be explored.

Buy this or die.