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Dimentianon - Seven Suicides - 90%

Clanny, December 13th, 2004

The beginning track "Self Inflicted Abuse" opens the cd with a high pitched distortion then the guitar, followed by drums. Vocals come in , with that black/death style but not so monotone seen so commonly in bands of this nature. The prize song on this cd however is "Souless Extinction" beginning with cow bells. the lyrics are not as lengthy as the others , but the song definatly stands out. "Brotherhood of the 7th day" is the fifth track and serves as a sort of break from the otherwise heavier tracks. All the songs lyrics have a common theme of death, suicide, homocide etc. The songs also follow a sort of generic style of fast drums, longer strenuous guitar and an occasional break down. The gritty and dirty sound as well as look of the album just add to the overall depressing , homocidal, and suicidal theme of the album. Despite some of the generic stylings of the album , it is still great and a must have for anyone deeply into the underground scene.