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I've heard worse but I've also heard much better - 70%

Tongues11, May 13th, 2005

Dimension Zero is actually carrying tons of potential, just look at the line-up. Last time I heard something from a band that features Jesper Strömblad, I was damn impressed. The problem with “This Is Hell” is that I wasn’t impressed at all. Alright it’s a good album, but it could be so much better. The riffs sound great but they’re not exploited to their full potential. This lack of individuality in the songs does tend to make the CD kind of boring to listen to after a while. The singer is good, the guitars are delivering and the bass and drums are most impressive but, christ, it sounds like they’re not trying hard enough.
Enough bad criticism. On the good side, the whole CD is damn angry and few songs on the album did catch my attention : Blood On The Streets, Amygdala and Killing My Sleep. That’s 3 out of 10. The rest is fine, not great. So,although it’s still better than “Soundtrack to Fuckin’ Mistake”, you might want to listen to this album before buying it.