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How you can possibly give this a passing grade? - 60%

Spawnhorde, April 22nd, 2004

This album is the 2nd full release (or 3rd if you count the re-release) of Dimension Zero, a band that should be good, but isn't. They have a friggin' ton of riff potential, I can see that, because these riffs are very well written, and the production is immaculate. However the riffs are repetitive and it is always one or two of the same riffs recycled per song. The drums are TERRIBLE. I don't care what kind of drummer you are, or even if you like this band, this drumming just plain out sucks, and if you don't admit that, you're lying. It's usually the typical "nu-thrash" beat for an entire 4 minute song. The vocals are also horrid. They somewhat resemble an extremely drunk 50 year old man doing karaoke, which leads me to believe that the same stereotypical drunk middle-aged man wrote these terrible lyrics. "Grr, I hate everything, you suck, shut up, etc.". There are a few good points to this album. First of all, the riffs are great. If they threw on some nice points of variation in between riffs, that would be nice, and might raise the score a few points. But overall, they need to get their singer into shape, get better lyrics, and GET A BETTER FUCKING DRUMMER.