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Dim Aura - R.U.S.T.

Finely Crafted Misanthropy - 95%

Nihilistic Rust, February 17th, 2012

Dim Aura is a new four-piece Israeli band that plays some "typical" black metal. It's a fairly obscure band with only one E.P., but some of its member have some experience with black metal, such as H. with Crux Infernum, or Ferum with Infernal Nature. They don't try to be new, or original, but rather to "destroy your life." To spew misanthropic hate and vitriol at humanity for its very nature and existence. The lyrics aren't very innovative, but they get their point across. You can tell they venerate the darkness and the death of man.

Musically, Dim Aura is... pretty fucking good. They have some really catchy and "melodic" guitars, great drumming, not too fast, not too slow, an audible bass, which is great, and finally, the finely spewed vocal hatred. It's not really high, somewhat raspy, and not too incomprehensible. You can understand most of H's singing quite well.

The first track is some dark ambient. Sigh... anyway, the second track begins with some a nice guitars, and slowly unfolds into a great black metal track. The drummer definitely knows what he's doing. The bassist just somewhat follows the guitar. But he definitely adds to the harsh wasteland the band tries to create. He even has a solo in "Dark Eternal", and is extremely audible in "Ritualistic Unholy Self Torment." Somewhat reminds me of Marduk's "Those of the Unlight." And that is a great thing, because that is an amazing album. All the songs are more or less like that, with some awesome riffing. I especially like the guitar tone. It's all fuzzy and noisy. It does its job well. As I've said, the drumming is great throughout the whole album, and the bass as well. The vocalist utilizes a great vocal technique which definitely fits in with the genre, message, and music in general. The highlight of this album is probably "Dim Aura (The Lepers of Light)" with some really nice riffs in some parts. It's also catchy. But don't let that misguide you, the other three songs here are also really fucking awesome.

To summarize things up, this is an amazing black metal release, and if you like black metal, get this shit NOW. If you're not a big fan of black metal, or misanthropy in general, steer clear, or just give this a casual listen. It might surprise you.