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Ok, but nothing fascinating - 72%

Sportswear, March 14th, 2004

Not a bad LP, pretty fucking good in places. Simple musically, but a moody feeling to it. The vocals are at a nice medium, low growls, suiting the band perfectly. The drumming is good, the guitar work fairly tight, but not inspirational.
Great scream on track 2, "Message Of Aiwaz", the whole tempo of the song is strange, but great. The solo in this song is shit though. But at least it is fucking short, so it's ok.
"Sirius B", has a weird build up intro o.O, but fucking great song. Great fill in solo starting on 2:36. This band kind of remind me of a good Vader. Like, take the structure and simplicity of Vader, but give them more talent, and better solos and better vocals. Shit, just a whole better band.
The intro to "Immolated" is almost annoying, can't tell you why? :-S But when the vocals kick in, it becomes great, and FUCK the solo on 0:43, wtf?!?! Great fucking solo. 1:06 is a great riff.
The next song, "The Namless City", is a strange song in comparison to the rest, I don't fucking like it.
Not a bad solo on "Lion Of Knowledge". In fact, both solos on that song are pretty good.

All in all, not bad, but not fascinating, just fairly impressive, I suppose. Check it, yeah.