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Majestic and spiritual ambient music - 95%

kluseba, June 18th, 2011

"Die verbannten Kinder Evas" is one of the most spiritual ambient dark wave bands that should please to anyone that likes to listen to calm and atmospheric from time to time to dream away. In comparison to other bands from the gothic scene, the Austrian duo has neither commercial approaches nor too overwhelming orchestrations and focuses on a very simplistic style. On the other hand, the band still varies from song to song in their calm and mysterious coherence and doesn't repeat the same patterns over and over again. Calm and spiritual male choirs and fragile female vocals are underlined by smooth keyboard orchestrations that sample pianos, violins, tubas and more sound samples. The music is much more focused than the rather similar vocals and nothing disturbs or distracts your attention from the epic and cleaning sounds. To my surprise the band creates a celestial atmosphere with lights and shades that doesn't sound limited, cold or artificial in any way because of a lack of budget, professional musicians or a truly professional and widely spread distribution.

I just want to pick out three little examples. The introduction and the following title track "Come heavy sleep" for example have Gregorian passages and sound like a peaceful hymn full of sad and yet vivid emotions without being depressive or dumb at all. "Dim atmosphere" has some great samples of classical orchestrations and establishes an almost celestial and hypnotizing atmosphere as most songs on the record. The organ sounds and tuba samples in "Sad silent home" lead and arise to a more and more complete and complex sound with authentic piano and violin sounds. This detailed and diversifed song establishes a very majestic and epic atmosphere.

Every song has some little variations and a quite unique sound but the changes are only slight and fragile and the whole album sounds like one overall ambitious but yet in the details very calm, spiritual and modest symphony. That's why I could describe any song out of it as I have no personal favourite and they are all on an equally high quality level. You could truly fall asleep to this music but in a very positive meaning because this album is filled with warm enchanting harmonies that create a floating atmosphere. If you are a spiritual person and simply want to take a break from your everyday life, do some meditations, do some yoga, do some prayers, relax in front of a wood stove or simply listen to something inspiring before you go to bed this record is an absolute must have in your collection. It's sure that you have to be in a very calm and open minded mood to listen to this kind of music and this is something which one simply can't do every day but this is the only limitation of this little masterpiece. Get this rare to be found treasure if you seem interested by my review.

If you ask yourself why I don't mention anything about metal in here, the reason is that this has nothing at all do with it and is simply great ambient music for open minded people.