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Ripped From V to A - 81%

immortalshadow666, September 30th, 2012

From the blindingly fast blast beats to the perfectly shifted vocals, ‘Ripped from V to A’ is a punishing slab of crushing goregrind from Melbourne, the grind capital of Australia. What we have here is nine tracks plus an intro and an interlude, and with such a short playing time, there is little in the way of mucking around.

There is quite a variety of playing styles here; while the heaviness makes up a good portion of the music there is plenty else to keep things interesting. The guest guitar solo in ‘Enlarged Urinary Tract Neoplasm’ is not something you’d normally hear on an album like this, but it is excellent and technical, and makes the listener want him to become a full time part of the band. The rest of the album switches between lightning fast and slamming grooves. The drums are played at a ridiculous speed, and it’s impressive to hear him keep that pace up throughout the whole record. The only drawback is that some people may become annoyed by the highly resonant and occasionally tinny snare, but it is not something I’ve found to be an issue.

Leo’s heavily shifted vocals are fairly typical of the genre. As there are no lyrics and what he is saying is completely unintelligible, it’s better to treat the vocals like another instrument. They do this in fairly normal fashion, providing lots of aggression and blending in with the music well. Bass guitar is a mixed bag as there are times where it sounds polished and smooth and provides a huge bottom end to the already colossal sound, and other times it just sounds like a massively downtuned guitar.

Another point to the credit of the album is that each song is unique in their structures. Some songs are far more structured around grooves, such as ‘Enlarged Urinary Tract Neoplasm’, while there are much faster grindy tracks focussing on speed like ‘Smacked Hooker’. There is the almost punk-like ‘Ape Rape’, and the slamming ‘Depraved Endometrum.’

The only really noteworthy flaw of this album is the inconsistency in the production. It sounds like they turned up on different days with completely different gear and didn’t bother to save any of the settings. While this doesn’t disrupt the flow in a serious way, there is a noticeable difference between more polished tracks like ‘Spastic Colon’ and something like ‘Massive Warts in Pregnancy’ where they sound like something different altogether, sounding more like Putrescence than Die Pigeon Die. There is also really little point to the interlude track, it doesn’t do anything other than provide 30 seconds of filler.

The record only goes for 17 and a half minutes, but the musical content is more around the 13 or 14 minute mark when all the samples and noise are taken into account. This works in the albums favour though, as it is short, sweet and to the point and not overdone. ‘Ripped from V to A’ is a massive and noisy album that should satisfy any fan of the genre, and even those who aren’t usually fans of goregrind could find something to enjoy here. I look forward to hearing more work from Die Pigeon Die in the future.

Aussie Goregrind Done Right - 72%

BroodleBrain, June 6th, 2008

The grind scene in Australia is sometimes a mix bag. Half the bands are mediocre or even down right bad, while the other half are great. Die Pigeon Die play a heavy style of goregrind and so far they are off to a great start! Their debut album, “Ripped From V to A”, is a mix of crushing slow breakdowns, fast grinding guitars, drum kit mashing, and pitch shifted vocals.

Everything is tied together song writing wise, and the album flows nicely. The music is heavy, well defined, simplistic, and yet it’s catchy. Songs like “Spastic Colon”, “Unexpected Episiotomy”, and “Depraved Endometrium” feature plenty of catchy blasting sections, slow riffs, and pitch shifted vocals that have variety; qualities all good goregrind albums should have. In fact, “Spastic Colon” has quickly risen to be one of my favorite grind songs ever. There’s even an awesome cover of Flesh Parade’s “‘Bout Had It”.

The production is grand and helps this release too stand out. The guitars are heavy, yet clear when the blasting grind ensues. The bass is bone-jarring, and mixed into the sound well. However it’s the drums that outshine everything. Every cymbal, tom and bass drum is easily heard, with the snare standing out with its distinct tin can effect. Some may not like the tin can effect, but I personally love it in grindcore.

No Escape Records have really found another great band from the inner bowels of Australia! If you like your grind to be insanely fast, with crushing slow riffs, and pitch shifted vocals, then “Ripped From V to A” is for you! Hopefully they stick with No Escape and record new material in the future.