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Die Hard - Evil always return - 80%

Phuling, December 23rd, 2010

I’d never heard of Die Hard before, probably ‘cause I’m generally not a fan of the death/thrash metal style. Evil always return is an older recording, well not that old; it’s from 2008, but they’ve released two EPs and a fullength afterwards. When they recorded this one they had the drummer from Watain in the band, and nowadays they’ve got the guitarist from Ondskapt and Valkyrja. So it’s obvious they’re no newcomers when it comes to peddling metal, but I was still skeptic towards the chosen style.

Fortunately this is nothing like the polished, melodic death/thrash thingie that oh-so-many half-arsed acts have peddled after the success of At the Gates; this predates all of it. Predominately thrash metal, infused with a buttload of old school death metal, it blends together so well you can’t imagine thrash metal to ever have sounded any different. Venom, Slayer and Possessed have probably been put under a microscope to create Die Hard’s sound, flavoured with a touch of Sodom. It’s 80ies thrash metal all the way, and damn it they really make it work. Evil always return isn’t a throwback to the old day, it’s as old school as old school gets, the world simply never made it to the 90ies. The tempo changes, going from somewhat blasting at times to slower chugging is always right on the money, and the gnarly squealing vocals that occasionally take over are oh-so-sweet.

With energetic riffing, catchy guitar leads, the evilest of vocals and varied drumming Die Hard induces hallucinations of sweaty moshpits filled with adolescent men who just discovered the new sensation of thrash metal. They manage to convince even me, and I generally despise thrash for its sloppiness. But this is slickly performed, skillfully written and above all else utterly kick-ass. I don’t know what else to say, there really isn’t anything else to be said. I don’t know how they did it, but they manage to sound so true to the old sound they could easily have convinced me it was in fact recorded back in the days.

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