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Die Choking - III

Gargling Sound - 80%

GuntherTheUndying, June 24th, 2016

Die Choking’s full-length follow-up to “II,” appropriately titled “III,” runs longer than all prior Die Choking pieces combined. Granted, its total running time falls just short of fourteen minutes, but that’s knocking on the door of infinity in this case. I’m always one to encourage artistic growth and exploration in most situations, and so it’s a nice blast of napalm that Die Choking isn’t content to simply rehash itself. “III” expands upon and further ramifies the metal, punk, and hardcore roots which together create the grindcore weed Die Choking is fond of picking; the band shifts its sonic focus to extremer degrees and generally branches out to find fun, new ways to inject carnage.

Die Choking is the same on the surface; “III” features more nuance. Blast beats, gunning riffs, mid-paced stomps, sections lasting for a handful of seconds before swapping out, and detailed tracks are all inherited from the last EP. Cutting deeper into the spastic glacier that is Die Choking reveals refinement, as though the album is an onion that shoots off acidic gunk as each layer is peeled away. The punk sections have a much more tangible role in the riffing scheme, while the vocals have drifted toward harsh shouts and sound improved. The guitar sections are wilder and less predictable, often paving for Die Choking’s triangle of influences to dive on the aural bomb and fly at the listener in pieces and chunks.

The sound quality takes on a punkier vibe, what with the booming snare and the hardcore edge in the guitar tone. This is fitting for the record, however, as the attitude further serves what is the musical equivalent of a spoonful of entropy.

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