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Die Choking > II > Reviews > GuntherTheUndying
Die Choking - II

Hold Your Breath - 70%

GuntherTheUndying, June 22nd, 2016

Just the name of this band invokes a suitable grindcore experience. Granted, one could reasonably die from choking within the short running time of “II” if an obstruction were forced down the trachea at the start of “Non-Yielder” and retracted only when the closing “Tonsil” shares its final spasm. The EP is just six minutes in length, delivering its promise to provide a grindcore extravaganza. Die Choking is rooted in the firm triumvirate of metal, punk, and hardcore of their identity’s approach, although there are plenty of moments here of the metal influence superimposing the punk influence, the punk influence intruding on the hardcore bits, and so on. That’s a surprising breadth to cover within the time it takes to conceptualize and crumble beneath a sudden existential crisis.

Tricks of the trade come easy for Die Choking, as the expected grindcore traits roar out without blinking. Blast beats and maniacal riffs flutter around like a flock of startled birds, quickly shifting from one section to the next within the time it takes cognitive processes to adapt. Hardcore themes are more palpable during “Non-Yielder,” whereas “People Like You” makes a seamless shift to lands more associated with hardcore punk before it launches back to full-blooded grindcore madness within its thirty seconds of existence. “Civilian” breaks out of the blast-laden mold the most by turning the vessel on a mid-paced stomp. Die Choking’s link between the sounds and influences of grindcore remain key to the musical charge, never once putting their feet on the brake.

Split that up for six minutes, and try not to die choking.

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