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Street thugs on acid - 100%

O, March 4th, 2007


This is what we need more.New way of seeing the Devil.Diapsiquir updates and takes Him to the 21st century.Each second of this album is full of madness.Virus S.T.N is full of nyances never heard before.”The Godfather”-theme with pounding of industrial machinery, children playing, speeches, old russian song, “Clockwork Orange” –like synthesizers and black metal.Sounds kind of strange? Only a genius could mix them into a fabulous entity and that`s the case with Diapsiquir.

The vocals are sort of preaching way screaming and they remind of a somekind of a terrorist or a demonstrator.The music varies from fast blastbeats into ultrafast industrial beats and into slow doomish moments of madness.You can never know whats waiting for you behind the corner. If you want to be able to memorize some melodies from the record you`ll have work your way through it several times.After a while the songs will open up and blossom.

On Virus S.T.N there also seems to be guest members.At least there are about ten mugshots in the booklet.Nice looking fellas.The cover includes also interesting pictures: hookers, drugs, filth, etc.

The technicality and structure of the songs are the things that struck me the most.If these guys were on acid during the recordings it makes Virus S.T.N even more interesting record.At least they`re drug policy is not a secret.If they keep releasing this kind of stuff more power – and acid - to them.

New wave (or way) of black metal coming from France with Blacklodge and oOo.Virus S.T.N – The best release of 2005.This hasn`t got a single flaw.Unique.