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Living On...Borrowed Time - 90%

RaVenom, March 22nd, 2008

As long as i can remember this album is called "Living On...Borrowed Time", you couldn´t see "Living on" on the frontcover cause it was in the backcover along with a photo of four very skinny, still very talented young musicians.

After the glorious and almost perfect Lightning to the Nations, Diamond Head released this LP with a more refined sound, better production and songs more in the 80's metal, than the dynamic NWOBHM of the first album.

The songs are very mellodic still catchy, and we have re-recorded versions of Lightning to the Nations and Am i Evil who are as good as the originals. In the Heat of the Night opens the album; is a slow tempo atmospheric song, then goes to more melodic "Heaven from Hell" and the almost pop ballad "Call me", then the new version of the classic "Lightning" where Sean Harris shows and excellent performance, then we have Borrowed Time a song with a lot of atmosphere, a song that could be considered both Progressive rock/Heavy Metal, and finally Don´t you ever leave and Am I Evil, the best songs of the album in my humble opinion with the excellent riffing/soloing of Brian Tatler, who is a riff machine.

The band would experiment with "Canterbury" which was step down both from the white album and Borrowed Time, buth this is A Good Album, energetic and melodic as only NWOBHM could be...