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Metal's forgotten gem. - 95%

Master_of_the_Pit, March 26th, 2007

This album is one of my all time faves. From the Elric inspired cover, the amazing voice of Sean Harris, Brian Tatler's inspired guitar playing and most of all...the songs, this hits the mark in so many ways. Many say that Diamond Head's first album was their best and often overlook the other 2 they released. The first track says it all really..."In the Heat of the Night", is a creeping crawling masterpiece following the journey of the warrior as he comes up to the tower-"Before long, behind adamantine doors, I taste of the wine of their joy. Through delirium of a tortured mind Her face gave me strength to this day"-cool lyrics, cool song. Diamond Head are never given enough credit for their lyrics and the athmospheres they created in their music. Complex music met often fantastical lyrics to sweep one away to times unknown, places lost in the mists of time. Living on Borrowed Time is another example of this dreamscape athmosphere and who could forget the mighty "Am I Evil?" All this, and yet the band had the ability to switch path and pen a Zepellin inspired masterpiece in "Don't You Ever Leave Me", conjuring up thoughts of classics such "Dazed and Confused/Babe I'm Gonna Leave You". And here is where we find the crux of the problem concerning Diamond Head's legacy. Diamond Head were too ambitious to be confined by the limitations genre and style. They wanted to explore their music and this was probably too much for die-hard headbangers. The next album "Canterbury" is a testament to that...again a classic though scorned by those Metal heads who feel it is not metal enough. Forget them because otherwise you're missing out. Allow yourself the time and open your mind to one of the best bands who carried the torch first lit by bands such as Zeppelin and Deep Purple, you won't regret it!