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Wild, Intense, Diverse, Epic, Mesmorising... - 95%

IcemanJ256, November 9th, 2004

Divided into 61 individual tracks and 20 different movements, how could you not be interested already? The 20 movements are more the actual start and end points for songs, while each individual track divides seperate parts of the song. A little unnessasary, but it makes things interesting. At the same time, I'd like to think of the entire album as one huge song, it flows very well together and uses the same themes over a few times for a truly epic feeling.

This "soundtrack" is assembled by many different artists. Primarily Blakkheim and Diabolical Masquerade. With the musical genious Dan Swanö composing, mixing, editing, and contributing a few solos here and there, how could the album not be amazing. Also there is a quartet from Estonia providing the orchestrations and many other musical guests.

The song styles and feelings can range from brutal, harsh, majestic, triumphant, victorious, nightmarish, groovy, atmosperic, bizarre, blissful, etc... and the music styles can range from black metal, prog metal, symphonic, electronic, ambient, industrial, and more.

Instrumentation includes: black metal vocals, a few clean vocals, clean/distorted electric and acoustic guitars, ambiences, percussion including some interesting "voodoo" style drumming, keyboards, bass, violins, violas, cellos, pianos, and other electronic elements.

The diverse mix of all these genres melded together is outrageous. One second you'll be listening to the most harsh black metal, then it will suddenly switch to captivating orchistrations that sound straight out of a suspenseful, eerie scene from any movie. Also sometimes all these elements are just jumbled on top of each other. As incoherent as that may sound, the album really does flow beautifully and doesn't sound rediculous or messy.

My favorite movements are 5th (one song, "spinning back the clocks" which contains very majestic music and some clean singing, and freaky lyrics); 7th, 9th (which is an all-orchistrated mini-masterpiece in itself); 10th, 11th, and 12th. Keep in mind these are not track numbers, but sections that contiain 3-6 different tracks, except the 5th (and some others)

With top notch production and amazing diversity this must be one of the most original, addicting, and unique metal albums ever recorded. R.I.P. Diabolical Masqerade, I wish they would have made at least one more album.