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Death more, no less. - 65%

PowerMetalGuardian, July 8th, 2004

The two reviews of Diabolic's Vengeance Ascending are very good. One shows a positive aspect of the album while the other shows a very negative aspect. I tend to agree with the latter, but I will add on to it of course. This album is no different from all the other death metal albums out there. You know the ones that kind of fall in the category of just doing the same thing. Blast beats, technical riffs, growling vocals, etc. etc.

This album has good songs and really bad songs. The first couple of songs are pretty bad, while the middle ones tend to be better. For the most part the riffs are straight power chord progressions with some very technical soloing. The soloing varies from song to song, while most of the times the solos are very sloppy and unimpressive. Sometimes it is like he is just hitting any fret just to fill the solo; these solos lack a model and enthusiasm. The singing is your typical growled death metal vocals. They are very heavy like Kataklysm or Six Feet Under. Nothing special or over the top about the vocals though.

Another thing that stands out is the drummer. I am not a drummer so I am not for sure on how this goes, but the drummer does these rolls on the snare that sound really awesome; and I have to point out I have never heard this type of sound before. The drumming really helps this album pull the pieces together and save it from being a hideous abortion. Otherwise everything is decent about this album. Production sucks at points of the albums also.

What makes this album over all bad is the poor song structure. It's like they didn't even think of how to piece this album together. Like the band showed up in the studio and started playing. Fans of Diabolic might hold this album in higher regards, but I just see it as your typical death metal release. Not bad, but nothing worth spending to much for unless you are a die hard fan. Some of the good songs are The Shallowed, The Inevitable, and Celestial Pleasures.