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PoBDZ3: Raw and basic, bust also unique - 65%

vrag_moj, July 4th, 2009

Granted that the fact that the band are from Bahrain, this demo might be interesting to those who are fond of the idea that extreme metal transcends cultural, national, ethnic and even religious borders. Thankfully that's not the end of it as this is a good demo, not only because it is faithfully raw BM but also because it offers some originality to the genre, that I haven't really heard elsewhere.

The basis is fairly simple drum-machined Raw Black Metal. The tape begins with crusty samples of machine guns firing and bombs falling & exploding and then a dissonant, atonal strummed riff kicks in the song proper. There are no vocals until a bit later, where the astoundingly atmospheric choral samples ring out, backed by symphonic strings take over and carry the song to its completion in a grandiose and to this reviewer mysteriously oriental fashion. As if to remind one that they are still in Black Metal territory, the composition closes with a few phrases coarsely groaned in Arabic.

The next track comprises of calm industrial drums and a simple synth melody melancholically sounding out over the top. It is a nice interlude as what is to follow is a blast of horrible machined BM with a distorted guitar wash and hectic bass lines haunting the mix somewhere out in the distance. The vocals groan out the verses until abruptly, it all comes to an end. This is probably the least interesting track on the demo, but it does serve to remind one of the band's heinous intent.

Whilst interesting momentarily, it is too short to be anything great. The cool thing about this tape, apart from the artist's origin is that their next release can be taken absolutely anywhere without betraying the origin. Judging by the tracks up on line the band produces some other fairly solid material, in the Black/Death vein so that provides a clue as to their next move. The fact that articulate Black Metal musicians exist in the Arabic world is in itself invaluable, allowing me to reach further out into unknown realms in search of exotic types of extremity.

Given that this is fairly limited and quite unique, I urge you to get a hold of this demo.

Originally published in Procession of Black Doom zine #3