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For fans of Senmuth - 60%

oneyoudontknow, June 8th, 2009

This release can be described easily: ethno ritual ambient with a metal influences. End of story. Ok, some description: excessive repetition of the motives, simple composed structures and the reliance of the band on their ideas to create some sort of hypnotic atmosphere. There is this sense of being 'inoffensive' surrounding the one track on this single, because with the exception of an interlude in the middle of it, Dhul-Qarnayn stuck to a certain set of elements and attempted to keep the atmosphere on a constant level. Variation towards the end, some additional keyboard elements were woven into the track, is a welcome distraction from the monotonous music, but these do not exceed outside of the boundaries the band has set before.

Rising Eastern Legions is rather dark and comes with a mixture of drone and ambient, which is supported by guitars; some in the background, some rather in the front, but play merely a handful of motive over the length of ten minutes. The keyboards have some distinct motive, minimalist and repeated to a good deal, with a more cheering sound, a counter-point to the rather dark atmosphere, while the drum-computer ‘performs’ some monotonous play. There are no vocals on this track at all…

Good, bad? Well, it can be listened to and has some hypnotic touch. Being well executed, it is not up to the instruments to offend the listener. Rather the blandness of the whole approach is what makes this piece of music somehow boring. The excessive repetition and the monotony of the whole approach are not something that I could listen to on a daily basis. Yet, now and then it could work very well...

Fans of Senmuth should give this single a try, though.