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Attempts of creating atmospheres - 60%

oneyoudontknow, June 12th, 2009

Simple ideas can be used to create something good. Not necessarily have approaches to be overtly complex and complicated; small is beautiful is a proverb often used and true in some respect. When discussing the art of Dhul-Qarnayn, then it is necessary to emphasis this facet of the band's oeuvre, due to the level in which it can be identified throughout the compositions/albums. Their latest one -- Rising Eastern Legions -- has this minimalist and aforementioned concept, as only a few elements had been used in the process of writing a track with ten minutes in length. So, what about an earlier one, then?

Even though Beyond Human Malice has more to offer in complexity, arrangements and motives, two tracks offer this peculiar stylistic idea of creating an atmosphere through simplicity; From Chaos, Beyond Human Malice. The other are more complex and present to the listener a larger amount of dynamics and ideas and are more in a black metal approach; Ambiguous Delirium (Emerna cover) with a slight depressive touch, while With Wrath so Divine has some amount of aggressiveness in it.

Dhul-Qarnayn offers a lot on this release, but is not able to impress over the whole length; actually, the last track would fascinate me most, maybe I am currently just in search for something hypnotic. Anyway, the songs are loaded with repetition -- sometimes more, sometimes less --, are rather generic in style and offer few elements from the Arabian culture -- unlike on the track of the Narcotize 3-way split release. Mr. drum-computer kills it a bit; some songs are a bit confusing and hard to follow, while the band's reliance on longer interludes in an ambient/depressive fashion comes usually as a surprise. There is some red line missing now and then, but the music can be listened to and has not the tendency to bore or annoy the listener.

As this release is (currently?) offered for free at their MySpace homepage, it does not hurt to download and listen to it. Do not blame me if you are not fascinated.