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Better without Onkel Tom? Yes indeed! - 99%

RoivasUGO, July 6th, 2006

I'll admit, it was a pretty big bummer for me to hear that Onkel Tom was going to quit vocals for the new Dezperadoz album. I like his style and he suited the job well. However, after a couple of spins, there's not even anymore thinking of the man! Alex Kraft had shown off his throat in the song Desperados from Dawn of Dying already, and here he does a magnificent job alongside a whole span of guest vocalists. A slightly tainted voice, a nice rough yelling sort of scream at the harder parts, excellent job.

Not only the vocals have improved, so has the songwriting, arrangements and the great concept (Wyatt Earp). Catchy choruses, powerful riffing, steady drums, awesome intros for each song that really capture the mood... it's all there. Dust of History is the obvious single, a powerful track that stumps right through, a big bag of cowboy balls packed in it. It's a great pick to start he album with: intro to set the mood, then Dust of History to kill any doubts that it WILL be fucking awesome. First Blood is great as well, Dead Man Walking even better with some softer, more melancholic feel. Aww heck, every song on here is great. The Rawhide cover doesn't feel out of place either, the interludes are beautiful and atmospheric instead of boring, the whole is nearly flawless.

Nearly? Yes, nearly, hence the 99 instead of 100 score. The only letdown is the track Look into the Barrel of My Gun. No nice intro, or you should count Shootout as the intro. There's some odd hooks that just don't feel right within the song, and though the pace is good and the chorus slays, there's just a little too much quirky bits in it. Costing the album one point, it does little to this brilliant piece of cowboy metal.