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A Bit of Progression For Those Scented with Dew - 88%

demonomania, July 20th, 2006

Dew-Scented love to creep up on unsuspecting victims, hide behind a tree and give them a little bit of a head start, and then run up and kick the poor bastards right in the balls. They don't actually do this physically, mind you - or maybe they do and ever male in Germany hates them - but instead choose to crush their audience's genetalia with a potent blend of death-thrash.

And from their discography, it looks like they've been doing it a long time. I bought IMPACT blindly, and while I did like it the post-first-tracks-repetition-wasteland reared its ugly head. On ISSUE VI, I can certainly sense some progression for one of the hardest bands with one of the wussiest names in recent memory.

The first noticable difference is the production. It is much more dry, and while I miss the full sound of IMPACT I think it was done to allow the listener to perceive every instrument more clearly, instead of things melding into a wall of double bass when the band started their tour of Bangcock (ha ha). The second thing you notice is that there is a lot more variation, and I think that has been accomplished by mixing a few slower parts, and, GASP, a slower song into the mix. The strained vocals, which I've heard described as constipated, are still there, and Uwe's endless double bass fanatacism has not abated in the least. But some new tricks are being tried here, and I will be goddamned if they don't work.

That dreaded slower song, "Prison of Reason," is by no means even really mid-paced, but it does have a catchy and repeated riff that will get stuck in your head, and no effort is made to push things to their usual frantic speed level. The songs that tend to mix in more restrained, thrashy sounding riffs are the ones that tend to sound the best, though. "Processing Life" starts the album out with some acoustic guitar (DOUBLE GASP), but then goes right into that speedy dewey mode we all know and love. "Ruins of Hope,"Vortex," and "Conceptual End" all are fast with sections thrown in to make sure you don't forget them. And hey, is it just me or does "Ruins of Hope" sound a lot like "Cities of the Dead" from IMPACT? I guess your hope would be ruined if you lived in a city of the dead. You certainly wouldn't be upbeat about it.

My favorite track has to be "Out of the Self," with a great simple gang-shouted chorus, twisiting riffs that shift frequently, and multiple tempo changes. Seriously, this is an addictive album overall, and a positive step above their previous work. Highly recommended for fans of death/thrash, though YYRKOON these guys ain't. Speaking of which, that's my next review...