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Digital Analog(but still digital) - 80%

GermanicusCaligula, November 18th, 2008

Dew-Scented is a thrash-death band from Germany that hit the scene back in the early 90's. This is the time when a lot of people who were once into thrash and death metal started listening to grunge and other popular genres that would eventually fade and pass like most trends. However, those of us who stayed involved with and true to the music we loved, became aware of a lot of bands that at one point would have been much bigger. And one of those bands is Dew-Scented.

I wouldn't say that Dew-Scented is a totally straight forward thrash band but to anyone that is familiar with the greatness that is thrash, it is obvious that is their biggest influence. A touch of death metal for good measure.

"Issue VI" is probably the album by Dew-Scented that I hear the most of when discussing the band with others. It's either becasue someone knows of it through heavy promotion or they are a fan of Dew-Scented and think it is their best work. And that is odd given the nature of how most people always like a bands "early stuff", especially thrashers. I would agree that this is the best.

Compared to "Ill-Natured" and "Impact", this albums production has decreased. It's almost as if they tried to emulate more of an analog sound digitally. I'm not going to say that the action they took is "fake" or "non-metal", but I will ask why they would do that, if they could have just simplified the process by doing it the way they intended the album to sound.

One of the big pros to this album is the guitar work. Now, with me being a thrasher at heart, consider it blasphemy to allow acoustic guitars to be used on a thrash album. Well, better yet, is it a thrash album if there are acoustic guitars? I'll let the listener decide that. But I wouldn't strip the title of thrash from this album because of a few seconds of acoustic work. I will say that it is made up for by ultra hyper-speed riffing on the first track "Processing LIfe". The rest of the album stays at approximately the same 32nd note rate except for a few measures on "Bled Dry" which still remains very swift.

I've heard complaints about Leif Jensen's vocals. I can understand someones argument but I like the uncoached and raw sound that he possesses with his style. It's more of a yell-like bark than a scream. Nothing knew with Leif here.

The drums lean more towards a blast-beat and snare happy black or death metal style which is the only reason this band can be categorized as thrash-death rather than straightforward thrash. I would say that the drum work is even a bit progressive. On "Innoscent", it was more of a simple back beat pattern but on every other release, it sounds very death metal influenced.

This album doesn't fall by the wayside like so many other thrash albums mid-way through and stays consistently quick from start to finish. If you haven't heard of this band before now, I would recommend this to be a good one to start with. And if your a fan of thrash or death metal, I would gamble on it. Odds are in your favor.