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Incinerated - 60%

Daru_Jericho, October 13th, 2008

Death/thrash metal acts are far from uncommon in this day and age however Dew-Scented have been lingering around since the dawn of their inception in 1992. This German quartet have been generally keeping their presence low on the radar of many metalheads, until around the year 2002 when the band signed to Nuclear Blast and released their ‘Inwards’ album, generating instant success among death metal fans for its inventive thrash infusion.

So in 2007 can this band still deliver? Following Dew-Scented’s tradition of beginning each album with the letter I (‘Immortelle’, ‘Innoscent’, ‘Ill-Natured and so on…), Incinerate is a strong release, worthy of the band’s logo on the front.

Overall, the music seems to give a nod towards the traditional death metal sound emanating from Poland at the moment while paying tribute to the American originators of the same genre and adding their own trademark thrash metal riffs. Songs such as ‘Vanish Away’ and ‘Perdition For All’ show that the band pride themselves on drummer Uwe Werning who plays a good variation of style. The guitars are accustomed to playing some excellent memorable intros, most noticeable on the tracks ‘Now Or Never’, ‘Contradictions’ and ‘Retain The Scars’. As well as playing some melodic leads, the guitars often accompany these with crunchy typical thrash metal riffs, alternating between these and powerful death metal sounds.

Although the album exhibits a lack of variation after the initial few tracks, the most noteworthy songs appear towards the end of the album, begging for more listens (which the band seem to want you to do as the outro is pretty much the same as the intro and joins around nicely, taking the record full circle). Dew-Scented have shown once again that they are rather fond of progression and do not want their style to stagnate. Although this release is probably inferior to my older material such as the ‘Inwards’ opus, it is still worth checking out.

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