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Whoah - brutal - 75%

demonomania, May 4th, 2005

This album just never lets up. There is absolutely no break whatsoever from the thrash/death assault - maybe for a minute or two they will play something at a speed less than 9000mph, but that is not too often. That being said, this is a damn good, but very repetitive album. After the fifth or sixth track, they all blend together. But considering the mix of two styles is done so well and so relentlessly, the repetition is pretty bearable.

The first thing I thought when I heard this was - VADER meets THE HAUNTED at their most serious. The vocals have that mid-range but hard sound like Morbid Angel / Vader, and the way the singer shouts his words even sounds a lot like the dude from VADER. I think he even says, "Right!" once or twice on the album, which is an utterance fans of the "Blood" EP will recognize. The thrashy riffs are a lot harder than the Haunted can usually bust out, and are quite often more complex than most in the genre. That still doesn't save them from sounding similar as the disc goes on. The drums are probably the highlight here though - DAMN, this dudes whoops some ass.

So pick it up - "One By One," "Cities of the Dead," "Acts of Rage," "Destination Hell," and the extra track "Force Fed" will have you looking stupid if you are wearing headphones. Enjoy.