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Whoah - brutal - 75%

demonomania, May 4th, 2005

This album just never lets up. There is absolutely no break whatsoever from the thrash/death assault - maybe for a minute or two they will play something at a speed less than 9000mph, but that is not too often. That being said, this is a damn good, but very repetitive album. After the fifth or sixth track, they all blend together. But considering the mix of two styles is done so well and so relentlessly, the repetition is pretty bearable.

The first thing I thought when I heard this was - VADER meets THE HAUNTED at their most serious. The vocals have that mid-range but hard sound like Morbid Angel / Vader, and the way the singer shouts his words even sounds a lot like the dude from VADER. I think he even says, "Right!" once or twice on the album, which is an utterance fans of the "Blood" EP will recognize. The thrashy riffs are a lot harder than the Haunted can usually bust out, and are quite often more complex than most in the genre. That still doesn't save them from sounding similar as the disc goes on. The drums are probably the highlight here though - DAMN, this dudes whoops some ass.

So pick it up - "One By One," "Cities of the Dead," "Acts of Rage," "Destination Hell," and the extra track "Force Fed" will have you looking stupid if you are wearing headphones. Enjoy.

death, death/thrash...overall kicksass - 93%

Different, March 4th, 2005

I first heard for dew-scented on last year’s metal camp. The name didn't catch my interest. But I went to see them anyway. I fell in love on the first sight. One word: aggressive energy. So I bought Impact. I kind of knew what to expect. But what I've got was much more. The first track already bursted out with great speed and brutality. And then.. The second track, oh my satan! Amazing fast and sharp riffs, incredible drumming and then comes my favourite part on the whole CD, when Jensen shouts: « Welcome new found paiiiin!!!" followed by a blast beat that always turns my insides upside down. The next track is destination hell, again a very good thrash/death track. Soul poison has totally amazing riffs which could cause a heart attack on a weak hearted person. A track so packed with aggression that almost makes you grab a hammer and go break something. And there comes the fifth track. Cities of the dead. Starting with a bit slower riffs, but not for long, they soon become faster and faster. The drums rage together with the guitars. And here lies another great part: « Retribution, resolution, go!!!!" first the drums, the guitar joins in and we have a killer track. Down my neck is a bit boring to be honest. One by one also makes you break things like soul poison so the down my neck track is forgiven. Agony designed like all the tracks before again shows the abnormal talent of the drummer and a nice guitar solo....and so on...and so on...overall, Impact is a fast aggressive death/thrash release streaming highly towards death metal. It s filled with energy, speed and aggression, that makes you do brutal things like banging your head against the wall (not that I have tried).

A modern thrash masterpiece! - 93%

Life_Sucks, November 26th, 2003

I first got into this band less then a year ago, when I checked out their previous CD, Inwards after it was recommended to me. While Inwards is a great CD in it's own right, several of the riffs sound similar and it seems like the band was partially recycling the same ideas on some of the songs. Noneless, Inwards was easily good enough to get me to look forward to the release of Impact and buy it as soon as it was released. Soon after the first song Acts Of Rage kicked off, I sensed that this is a more technical and brutal CD than Inwards. It seemed to have an almost death metalish feel to it, which was confirmed when the fist blast beat of the CD kicks in at a little bit after 0:40. As a death metal freak, this was a welcome change to me, as much as I liked the other CD. Act Of Rage is a great opener, and definitely a highlight of the CD. The Next Song, New Found Pain thrashes on in much the same fashion with a fast, thrashy as fuck main riff and occasional death metal blast beat passages. Again, it is one of the srongest tracks on the CD. Some of the tracks, such as track 4, Soul Poison seem very Slayer influenced, but this is by no means a bad thing. Yes, Dew Scented have occasional Slayer-isms in their music, but they are by no means a Slayer carbon copy, with their frequent death metal riffing and blasting. Dew Scented take elements of Slayer, death metal, classic German thrash, and At The Gates style Swedish metal to create their own modern sound. Yes, they are a German thrash band, by they by no means sound dated, and prove that the genre of thrash is still alive and has room for innovation. Impact hardly has any weak points, the only one being the cover song Hobbit Motherfuckers - a punkish sounding tune that does not at all fit with the rest of the CD. It is one of the best releases of 2003. A modern thrash masterpiece that truly borders on death metal, It has the potential to appeal to both thrash fans and death metal fans. I would recommend this CD to any metalhead.