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No fire, just ashes - 20%

TheSunOfNothing, January 13th, 2010

I'll admit that Devourment's 1999 debut "Molesting the Decapitated" was pretty good, but following it was disappointing and Deeds of Flesh-esque (in other words, boring) album "Butcher the Weak", and was basically the beginning of the end for these guys. Now we have what is basically equivalent to a band like Emmure. Yes, I actually said it. The purpose and of this music has been raped by the simple need to play a few fucking power chords at 2 tempos and in slightly varied patterns. While there was true fire in the band's earlier work, there is none here. Just the ashes.

This album is just a few slams and a few faster, grindier parts here and there. Maybe an intro to a song or two. That's it. You know the whole album now. Shitty production, Mike Majewski's trademark inhales, inaudible bass, and chugging make up the sound of this album. Now you know the makeup and sound. No need to go any further really.

Mike Majewski is the biggest disappointment here. While his vocals on "Butcher the Weak" were no better, they were at least varied there, with the ocassional Frank Mullen-wannabe growl popping up. Not here though, this has even less death metal growls than "Molesting the Decapitated" had! Mike tries absolutly nothing on this album but what he has already done before. If only Ruben was still the singer! Oh wait, Ruben (guitar) does some vocals on this album too!!! Yippee! Don't get excited, his vocals are equally as shitty as Mike's, and how anyone can tell the difference between Ruben and Mike is beyond me. There is also a 3rd singer on this album, the bassist of the band, "Captain Piss". His vocals are death growls (always a plus in my book), and are fairly decent. Once again, however, do not get excited, as he only sings one word repeated 4 times in the song "Incitement to Mass Murder" (stupid name for a song).

So if you're a devoted Devourment fan you'll probably find this satisfying. I like the band, but I just don't understand this. I should have made this a more musically oriented review but in honesty I don't want to have to listen closely enough to tell you everything I could. I'll leave that to the next reviewer.