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Well... She's Heavy. - 65%

Immortalax, January 6th, 2013

Ok there is no denying it, this isn't the most interesting album, but it is heavy as fuck and has moments that make up for the short fall of being repetitive. As overused and cheesy as it is, this album is definitely brutal, in fact undeniably. Possibly the heaviest fucking album I've heard, strangely audible though. I'm not actually quite sure how you can be that heavy, yet still have distinguishable riffs. Oh well it doesn't matter, so long as I feel like I've had my arse kicked after every time I listen to it, I'm happy.

On to instrumentation and vocals. The vocals are just about the same the whole way through, with very little variation. Mike's vocals are much on the same scale as Abominable Putridity's former member Vladimir. Same repetitive as fuck nature, but much, much better. The drumming is what always gets me with this band, I'm not sure if he's even very skilled or not, it doesn't seem to matter because it sounds insane and fits well with the thick-as-fuck-slammy-slam-slam guitar playing. lots of metalheads seem to have an aversion to slam riffs because it sounds skilless. Who the fuck cares! it's the end result that matters, and this result sounds fucking mean and horrifying.

All in all, though this album suffers from a certain sterility not present on the previous albums, it's still a good listen. It doesn't suffer from dragging on, which I could easily see happening with an album like Unleash the Carnivore. I can't wait to hear the upcoming album, hopefully it will be an improvement where repetitiveness is concerned.

Standout tracks - "Crucify the impure", "Fed to the pigs" and "Abomination unseen".