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Fucking Brutal - 78%

Bones98, June 16th, 2009

3 years after the release of Devourment's 2nd issue of "Butcher The Weak", a new killer emerges from a decaying wasteland that is depicted in the cover art of Devourment's 4th full-length album titled Unleash The Carnivore.

The production is fucking heavy as fuck and the musicianship is great, but it's too predictable. None of the songs really stand out from the rest except for "Deflesh The Abducted", "Incitement To Murder", and "Over Her Dead Body" which had an awesome grindcore-inspired onslaught in the intro. By the way, where are those Suffocation/Chest growls that can be heard in Butcher The Weak? Those were one of the things I was looking forward to hearing in this album but I didn't hear shit.

Ruben Rosas's vocals were alright, but overall the vocals were too low to really be able to distinguish who is singing. Range of vocals is also what is lacking in the vocal department and I was thinking there might have been some high-pitched screams that could be heard in Devourment's cover of "Pick Axe Murders" from the US of Goregrind split.

The sample used in Abomination Unseen is fucking creepy, but I honestly think it didn't fit well with the song and would have been better if it were used for Unleash The Carnivore since it would provide a better surprise attack onto the listener with its chaotic frenzy where everyone goes apeshit in the beginning of the song.

Overall, I have to say it's a pretty good album but there's going be a lot of mixed feelings by other fans as a lot of had different expectations for the album. The sound production is clear which adds alot to the intensity during the album's most chaotic parts of the songs. It's definitely worth listening to if you're fan of Devourment or just someone looking for something really brutal.