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American Gore From World Wide - 85%

optimuszgrime, March 10th, 2008

As one could guess from the title, this is a 4 way split of American influenced gore grind. Too bad that only 2 of the bands are from the USA, and the rest are from Europe, so the title is a little misleading. There is a Czech band, Negligent Collateral Collapse, an Italian band, Corporal Raid, and the other two, Screaming Afterbirth from Wisconsin and the legends of slam death metal Devourment are, as I have said, representing the US. The first band I want to talk about is Devourment, because all they put on this album is the track ‘Babykiller’, and so there is not much to say. Check out their album, the second one ‘Butcher The Weak’, it is on there, and thus can be heard without the purchase of this CD. If you did purchase this CD, however, you will be able to tell that all the other and lay down the law on this disc. Screaming Afterbirth plays their best on this split, none of the other ones are this good, I don’t think. They have some really awesome songs on here like ‘Infectious Erection Injection’, and also a Squash Bowels cover. They play three tracks of the most typical American gore. Good stuff, solid, but not all that interesting. My personal favorite is NCC, running their brutal Czech gore through the speakers at eight million rpm. It is non-stop full on assault of weird mathematical grind, real grind unmixed with other forms of music. I do not know if they use a drum machine on this recording, but I suspect they might, because the drumming is tighter than usual and sounds very mechanical, but it could just be a shitty drum sound made by a shitty sound engineer. Other than that their side of the split is absolutely flawless. The last band to play is Corporal Raid. They play xenomorphological gore grind, according to themselves, and I can hear what they mean by it. It is brutal gore influenced by the Americans for sure, but keeping in line a little bit with their own turf, so a good mix all in all. Their riffs are very strange and oddly punctuated and the drummer plays nothing but hyper-blast, even while the guitars are varying it up, and doing all sorts of cool non-standard shit. The split is bound to please anyone who likes death or grind, or perhaps both.

Three Solid Outputs - 70%

Vega360, May 2nd, 2007

For a split named The United States of Goregrind only two of these bands are actually from the US. This is actually a split release by four different bands as just as many different labels, all of whom are underground, and all of whom have a similar sound.

Negligent Collateral Collapse start off this thing on a bizarre but good note, there first track has weird Japanese theme intro, with violins, somber female vocals and the like. Then they explode into this big war themed image, and the songs could actually be the soundtrack to a modern day gun battle. Brutal riffs are the name of the game; blast beats and face paced drumming is a close second. They actually do some pretty cool things in terms of backing vocals. Besides your normal death metal vox we get chants for grenades a couple of times. What the tracks names mean I really couldn’t tell you, (I think the opening track is designed to be some kind of scientific thing).

Corporal Raid comes in with reinforcements next, and yeah these guys are pretty good, majority of the time the sound exactly like the band above. Similar riffs, similar vox, however there drums sound like tin cans. They vary up the music though by doing this guitar solo effect, where when listening in headphones only plays in one earphone. In order to make sure we didn’t miss the solo they decide to include it in every single track. Actually, I think they just wrote one song cut it into sections, rearranged the sections into another song and added the same vocal squeal to close off the tracks. There creative efforts bring down the album, and sadly they have the most tracks on here so your stuck with the same tasteless rehash for a good majority of the album.

Screaming Afterbirth manage to redeem this thing a little bit. However music wise there sound doesn’t change too much, similar to Negligent Collateral Collapse’s sound. They add some nice backing vocals to there stuff, most of which are somewhat comprehensible. There cover of a Squash Bowels song is good but I haven’t herd the original so I really can’t judge.

Devourment is the only band that actually has a different sound than the three above. These guys have a more brutal death sound, then the above three that play straight up goregrind. There riffs are very brutal, drumming is slow and paced to match the riffs, and the vocals are pretty normal for this kind of stuff. The track “Autoerotic asphyxiation” sounds like one of the zillions of Suffocation clone songs out there today. The last track however is a pretty different. You get a four minute death metal closer (I’d say epic but I don’t think death metal can get an epic sound), that doesn’t quite follow the one above. The riffs are move in vein of the groove influenced sound of Six Feet Under however it actually keeps some of the bands brutal sound too so you get a nice blend.

Overall this split is a good showcase of some powerful material by three bands (Negligent Collateral Collapse, Screaming Afterbirth and Devourment) and one band that just repeats itself the entire time (Corporal Raid). If you’re a fan of the three bands that actually put out some good material on here then I’d pick this up, but Corporal Raid fans should just save the money.