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Molesting my ears. - 94%

skullkrusher, November 24th, 2002

Without a doubt The Fastest, The Heaviest, The Sickest. TXDM has always been that way though. This is one of the most uniquely sick and twisted Brutal Death Metal releases to ever grace my ears. Before I go on about how amazing the music is, I must say, that is one brutal cover. Leave it to Devourment to shock & amaze. Anyways, some might consider the riffs on this to be slam riffs, but who really cares. They may be slam riffs, but they are so damn heavy and fast why does it matter. The drummer is amazing, but one problem I had with his style, well not really his style, but they overtriggered the snares in a few parts on a few tracks so it goes faster than they meant it to and it kind of seems out of place. The bass is nicely done, by their genius artist Mike Majewski. The highligh of this record though has to be the sickest guttural growls and gurgles ever recorded by my vocal idol Ruben Rosas. This guy can do wonders without a pitchshifter, I am still trying to perfect my vocals to be as his. Overall a great release and very highly recommended. The best tracks are Choking On Bile & the tile track, Molesting The Decapitated.