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Rotten - 98%

mrdanteaguilar, June 25th, 2011

Starting by the cover art that causes puke everywhere, especially when you go to some food court proudly wearing it. It doesn't get much clearer than this; ''molesting the decapitated'' has some decapitated dude ready to be severely molested. Not only is this Devourment's very first official release but also one of the first brutal death metal albums I've ever stumbled upon (being honest, the picture made me laugh at first. Then I blasted this on my stereo and I couldn't stop headbanging) It's hard to describe if you have never listened to Devourment or brutal death metal before, so I will try to describe it as much as possible.

The vocals sound abominably guttural (in a good way) going as deep as possible, creating the most rotten, sludgiest, most putrid sound you can imagine without using voice distortion whatsoever with the most unintelligible lyrics imaginable to man. Even with the lyrics included in the booklet, you won't be able to tell what the hell he's saying, which is excellent for this kind of musical composition. Besides, they talk about necrophilia and eating babies, so you don't need to understand anything.

Also the guitars have a very fucking brutal tone that has a dirty, nasty, gritty sound. Also playing the simplest yet heaviest riffs. Most of the songs just chug the whole time and have very few leads, but don't expect breakdowns, oh no. These guys play their slam riffs perfectly, probably using just the first five frets and many inverted power chords. Molesting The Decapitated, Festering Vomitous Mass and Self Disembowelment are a perfect example. Of course they all have very fast guitar patterns as well just to create noise but overall the song structures are groovy as fuck.

You should also add the bass which is ultra deep. Even though the bass line is just following the guitar melody, you can distinguish the bass by its tremendously deep tone that creates too much distortion when blasted through weak speakers (including some old headphones I had which were a little damaged while listening to this).

Finally, add the sloppiest drums you can imagine, but instead of sounding like crap (Waking The Cadaver) this guy just plays whatever the fuck he wants, of course, keeping the pace at all times. Fast gravity blasts here, double bass there but overall slams. Yes, slam drum patterns dominate and make you want to mosh and sometimes even dance (why not?) with a very raw tone, especially the snare that sounds like they just bought it, tuned it as tight as possible and started recording.

Overall, you can't miss this album. Punishing riffs, brutal as hell vocalization, fucked up lyrics, brutal bass, what could possibly go wrong? Your extreme metal collection should most definitely include this somewhere between Abominable Putridity and Internal Bleeding.