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The greatest death metal album ever? - 100%

grimwinter13, June 5th, 2017

To call an album 'perfect' is a big deal. That means to actually go through that album many times, to become familiar with it, analyze it - and make an effort to find something wrong with it but end up not disappointed. There are so many albums which I love to death, and will swear up and down that they are masterpieces. But perfection? An album with absolutely zero negatives qualities surely must be the best in its genre. I try to reserve that title for the exclusively few albums which truly deserve it.

Devourment's 1999 debut full-length. Molesting the Decapitated. The band who pioneered slamming death metal. The epitome of horrid lyrics, disgusting vocals, and spine-crushing riffs. The stuff of nightmares. Even the most militant Cannibal Corpse fans would crumble in fear. You begin to question if this is a band, or a group of genuine serial-killers.

'Perfect death metal.' That's the only way to truly sum up Molesting the Decapitated. And the pinnacle of everything that makes up this album is that this is what death metal is supposed to be. Not flippy haircuts, breakdowns, and edgy audio clips. Devourment brings in the highest level of no screwing around, no playing games. No fucks given. From front to back, MTD is a half-hour of pure, brutal, disturbing death fucking metal. Nothing more, nothing less. And they've delivered this on every album they've ever done. So why is Molesting the Decapitated the best? Because by death metal's standards, NOTHING can compare. It's like when Slayer's Reign in Blood came out, hitting a level of heaviness no other thrash band could ever have achieved. So like how you can only judge Reign by Slayer's standards, you can only judge MTD by Devourment's standards.

First and foremost: no other Devourment album would be nearly half as good without the ideas that were presented on MTD. Dying Fetus and Suffocation would have two or three slams in their songs. But Devourment? "Pfft...fuck that! Every song is gonna be slams, with some blast beats to break those up!" This is that no-fuckery I was talking about before. MTD opens with about 30 seconds of a creepy Dahmer audio clip, then it's 30 minutes of slamming. Don't stop to breathe. Just slam, slam, slam! It hits you like four trains coming from all directions.

MTD differs from the other three albums in Devourment's catalogue by its production. Butcher the Weak showed a higher-level of studio polish, and that's what Devourment became. On MTD however, it doesn't sound like this was recorded in a studio. No, it sounds like it was recorded in a musty cellar while butchered entrails drip from the walls. When it comes to dark, filthy, and heavy - look no further. As if each copy of the CD was soaked in Satan's sewage before being sold.

Lyrically: holy shit. If you think Cannibal Corpse was fucked, you've only just dipped your toes in. Devourment does not hold back. The gore is genuinely sickening, perverted, and yet so captivating. Their gore lyrics easily dodge the pitfall of monotony, and instead entrance you into an inescapable fantasy of savage torture, rape, and coprophagia. The line 'I need meat on my cock' alone makes even me shiver. Nearly 20 years later, MTD is still shocking and leagues above any other of Devourment's followers in slamhood.

The vocals of Ruben Rosas are the finest example of guttural vocals. I place him above Mike Majewski, and even Wayne Knupp (RIP). Ruben's tube-like, gurgly gutturals blend in flawlessly with the distorted guitars and machinegun-fire drums.

Overall, the instrument ensemble works in perfect cooperation. The drums do the speedwork, the guitars hold down rhythm, and the bass keeps everything super deep, occasionally bludgeoning your skull in with a massive drop. Watch out for those in "Choking on Bile" and "Self Disembowelment"!

The greatest death metal album ever? In my opinion: yes. No way you're changing my mind. I'm set. Molesting the Decapitated is everything a slam fan could want for 30 minutes of hellish, sadistic death metal. This thing will churn your guts and make you scared to sleep at night. And you WILL be coming back for more.