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Brutal - 97%

astathica, September 18th, 2005

One of the best records in years, especially in the brutal death metal underground. Because, what's better then a gutteral sick death band at extreme speed? Ofcourse, a guttural sick death band that grooves like a fucking maniac while obtaining one of the sickest sounds ever created.

First the album starts off with a little soundbite from a serial killer called Joseph Kallinger, a religic fanatic that murdered his family and others in the name of the lord. And as soon as the first tones of "Festering Vomitous Mass" tag along, you know what's to expect from this cd: the complete and utter destruction of every bit of decency left in music. It's rancid, horrid, putrid and above all, it's damn near brilliant!

The musicians are good. No top-notch technical marksmanship within the ranks of guitarists, and that's exact where you don't want them either. Bands like these don't need some Malmsteen on guitars, because it'll flood with sound before you can say "Impaled Jesus in a Barney Suit". No, this record needs some low-tuned laid-back but raw as fuck guitars, and that's exactly what you'll get. But then there's the drummer, and that's a whole different piece of work. This brute, this maniac shows off both brutality ánd perfect technique in what seems to be over 6000 beats per minute. His left hand snare bounce is so controlled he could kill a cat by simply tapping a twig on his head for a minute. And no, there's no triggering in this, this is plain hard labour going on there. Especially the famous double roll blast (a single/double stroke played over a blast-speed twin roll) sounds incredible. Being a drummer i must say i have the deepest respect for mr. Fincher.

Well, at final we have songwriting. There's the one point i like to tip, and even though it's not a minor point but a plus for me, it may be a minor point for whoever likes variety. Because there isn't any. All songs have different in- and outro's, but that's nearly all to it. Some rolls and riffs stand out inbetween the songs, but put a few lines and samples inbetween and you got yourself a more then 30-minute during song. It's like buying a dozen of apples and examine them individually, but they still look the same. But then again, don't we all love apples. Yes, dem apples.