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Cop-ro-pha-gia! - 85%

TheSunOfNothing, January 16th, 2010

Other than a few bands like Wormed and Dripping, slam death metal has never really been my cup of tea. It's not that I hate it, I just prefer tech/old school to this. However, it's nearly impossible to say no to such an awesome release. I'll admit, it's flawed, but it's still a satisfying album to jam out to when you feel like saying "fuck you" to everything that stands for intelligence and thought-provokingness. In other words, it's literally so dumb and unintelligent that it becomes entertaining.

As far as the sound goes, I'd compare it a bit to Dying Fetus, just replace both the vocalists with guttural vocals, and focus on the first 1-5 frets of the guitar. As expected, the album consists mostly of slams and grinds, but the energy contained within will no doubt make you headbang relentlessly for at least 10 minutes at some point in it's run. The songs are mostly longer in length than other death/grind bands, most being in the 4 minute range. A few songs like "Postmortal Coprophagia" and "Fucked to Death" extend the runtime to 5 and 6 minutes though, and trust me, these two songs specifically will have you lying on the floor begging for mercy! It's that fucking brutal! I mean, with all the songs being in a similar vein after awhile the songs tend to get boring, but I'd still say they sound solid.

The guitars, bass, drums, and vocals are all done perfectly here. Bass is the main focus of the sound, and while it's hard to hear it, this album owes 90% of it's brutality to this instrument. Mike would later switch from bass to vocals, a bad desicion in my eyes, but oh well. The drums are insane with the snare drum in particular shining with insane rolls the speed of lightening. Brad Fincher was definatly Devo's best drummer, and after you hear this you'll probably say the same thing. He's a little bit modest on the kit, but for what he does he's great! Then there's the vocals, performed by Ruben Rosas (later switched to guitar). The vocals here are mostly guttural gurgles, but a few songs have a little higher pitched gurgles and at times he'll stop the gurgling and let out a growl ("Postmortal Coprophagia" being a good example, with the drum/vocal break where he growls "cop-ro-pha-gia!".) The guitars are what disappoint me. No solos, and a shitty guitar tone, courtesy of Brian Wynn (as always). The riffs are completly forgettable and unnoticeable, but the constant slams in this department will keep you interested. And I mean that seriously, the slams are definatly a good thing here.

So while I prefer to listen to a band like Mortician while in the mood for ultra brutal death (Mortician being a favourite of mine), these guys are totally a band to check out too, and if you like brutal death metal and haven't heard this album then I feel sorry for you.