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Devourment - Molesting the Decapitated - 95%

Master0fButchery171, June 11th, 2012

Devourment is my friend's favorite band, he told me about this band and recommended to check this. When I was bought the album I didn't listen the album immediately, because I wanted to wait the right mood. It was 2 and half weeks later when I first time listened this album, and what I heard was something very incredible. This album is combination of very low and deep guttural vocals, one of the deepest I've ever heard, very awesome drumming combined with very fast rolls, fast blast beats and other hand, some very slamming beats, guitars are very matched with the drums and the guitars are very low too, I can't hear the bass very well, but it doesn't matter because this album's quality is very soft to me.

All 8 songs encases a very devourment typical lyrics, perversions, torture, death and gore and they have really used some time to create those lyrics, because I've seen some bands which I can't find any lyrics at all, or at least nobody has put any lyrics on the internet or anywhere. This band also doesn't use very much samples, only in Festering Vomitous Mass and Shroud of Encryption, which is quite good, because as this album is very amazing, they don't spoil this album with samples, like some sample in every song, so there I hear the real joy of making music.

I give 95 because this album is masterpiece. The vocals are one of the bests, guitars rhymes with the drums and the vocals, and the drums are just matching very good in this album. This is an album which every brutal death metal lover have to have.