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Absolute garbage - 11%

EzraBlumenfeld, September 14th, 2020

Slam is a subgenre that I'll never be able to appreciate, and albums like Molesting the Decapitated are a big reason why. Mindless, generic riffs and abysmal production combine into an album that is devoid of creativity, emotion, or any depth whatsoever. It's honestly shocking to see how unwaveringly favorable the reception to Devourment's debut has been over the years. This is one of the worst albums I've ever heard.

I cannot stress how lazy Molesting the Decapitated sounds. The riffs all stay within the lowest half-octave of the guitar's range, with only the harmonics in the intro of "Shroud of Encryption" noticeably breaking this trend. In fact, in the opening track "Festering Vomitous Mass," is sounds as if only one note is played for the entirety of the song. Each song has no more than a handful of riffs; and giving the simplistic, predominantly chromatic nature of the riffs on the album, no songs truly stand out as highlights. Slam's trademark, flushing-toilet gurgly vocals are of course present as well, with no deviation from the standard pervy droning style that usually accomanies this subgenre.

One redeeming quality for me is the drumming. Although comprised almost exclusively of blast beats, they cut through the rumbling and monotonous guitar tones enough to prevent Molesting the Decapitated from being a total snoozefest. The drummer is clearly the most talented person in Devourment, or at least the only member smart enough to play something challenging and cool. The intro sample of serial killer Joseph Kallinger is pretty ominous and provides a nice lead-in, so that's another plus.

If mindless, low-effort death metal is your thing then maybe Molesting the Decapitated is for you. While I certainly can't see what anyone likes about this album, I won't begrudge anyone for wanting to windmill frantically along to it. It is fast and it is heavy; it just has an unbearably muddy sound and pretty much zero interesting riffs in any of the eight songs. If you're looking for unrelenting brutality that rivals this but in a more listenable format, I'd suggest albums like Pierced from Within or None So Vile. But if this is your first foray into slam and you're expecting to experience high-quality, technical, and extremely awesome death metal, you best turn back now.

Best song: "Festering Vomitous Mass"