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Legendary - 93%

DivineDevil, June 16th, 2007

This is the first album by the legendary band Devourment. Legendary because they set the beginning of a new genre - slam death metal. The special thing about this release is that bands that formed a new genre, mostly don't play it all too good (because they just don't know how it is supposed to sound), think about Possessed, Venom and Slayer (1st album, after that they were perfect). But this band plays the most sickening death metal I have heard thus far, and that is quite an accomplishment for the first in the genre.

As I said, they are really sickening! This is mostly due to the very low vocals. You can almost not believe that this is done without using a pitchshifter, but they really didn't use it. These vocals add something to the band that I haven't heard in many bands. Only downside is that you really can not decipher the lyrics. Don't get me wrong, I like it when you can't hear what a grunter is singing, but in this case it is just really extreme, although not less pleasant to listen to.

But not only the vocals are really low, the guitars are very low as well. They are so low that you almost can't hear what chords they are playing. I'm saying almost because if you listen carefully you can. These guitars add another thing to the music that makes it even more sickening, and, at times that the guitars are played very slow (in Devourment terms, that is), it sounds very groovy. At the times that it is played fast, it sounds very sickening, like an eruption of sound.

The only downside I can get out of this release (if you don't count the non-decipherable lyrics) are the drums. As I said, every instrument is very low, which makes it very pleasant to listen to. Only the drums aren't low. And that is something that this release misses. The drummer plays very fast and very technical, only the production makes it sound like shit. And that point annoys me every time I hear it. I hope that they will make a remastered version with the drums lower. But until that time, it just annoys me, and I can't give the full 100% for this release. It may seem like a small thing, but if you listen to it, and hear that every instrument is incredibly low and the drums aren't, it gets really annoying.