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This album... - 82%

DagZeta, January 6th, 2012

Well, this is kind of a strange album. I don’t mean strange as in the songs are all written weird. I mean strange as in the relationship I have with this album. I don’t hate this album, but for some reason it seems to be the butt of a lot of jokes for me. I’ve only been able to listen to the whole thing straight through once, but I still wish I could bring myself to do so once again. Anyway…

This album is brutal. This album kind of scares me. The cover art makes me cringe, but it’s safe to say Devourment really gets the job done. It’s obvious that these sick fucks really wanted to make this as brutal and disgusting as they could possibly make it, and I think they more than succeeded. Now, I said that the album scares me, but I meant that in one of the best ways possible. I said I can’t listen to it all the way through anymore, but it’s still pretty awesome.

First of all, the riffs are all pretty solid. Throughout the album there are sick breakdowns that Waking the Cadaver wishes they could write. It’s incredibly down tuned and slams you in the face like a body bag being thrown at you out of nowhere. The rhythm always kept me interested. One moment there’d be an insane breakdown, the next there would be a fast blasting section. For the most part, they manage to pull of the transitions quite nicely. However, there is one complaint I have in the riff department. These guys seem to have a tendency to stay within the first couple of frets of the guitar for most of the time. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, yet it’d be nice if they change it up a little bit.

No matter how slow the riffs get, the drumming is always blasting away. It seems like the guy can really make his way around the kit, but I always get somewhat of an impression that his timing is off. Sometimes, blasting away above slow riffs kills it. More importantly, there’s one drum (I think it may be the snare, I really don’t know which is which) that sounds way too high pitched when compared to every other drum and while he blasts that one on top of the lower pitched ones, it really pisses me off. It doesn’t help that I get the impression that he uses that technique far too frequently for my taste.

Now, you can’t really talk about this album with mentioning the vocals. Ruben Rojas utilizes some kind of pig squeal, but it’s one of the best ones I’ve heard (probably my second favorite one). It’s incredibly guttural and not an inhaled pile of garbage. The intensity of the first verse of “Festering Vomitous Mass” is an incredible example of how he can keep a fast rhythm while still staying brutal. This is one of the few occasions where I actually considered pig squeals to be brutal (the fact that I often associate them with deathcore is probably why I usually don’t like them). The combined assault of these insane guttural vocals and the sick breakdowns makes this album brutal as all hell. HOWEVER, as much as I enjoy the vocals, after about halfway through “Postmortal Corprophagia” I start to get sick of them. Fortunately, this issue is soon solved with one word, “CORPROPHAGIA!” which is uttered in a still guttural (not squealing) but completely comprehensible manner. Though, unfortunately, I’m sick of the squeals again by the midpoint of the album.

One of the reasons this album frightens me are the lyrics. For the most part, all of them are about murder, rape, or a combination of the two (necrophilia!). One track in particular, “Self Disembowelment,” managed to thoroughly disturb me. It’s about jacking off while his guts are falling out and devouring his semen soaked innards when he’s done. And then it ends with the lines:

“And to complete this carnage
I cut off my gore soaked dick”

Lovely. Words like “cock,” “dick,” and “fuck” all seem to be staple in the lyric department. This type of lyrics is exactly what I hate. There a right way to do gore, and there’s a wrong way. The right way is more in the vein of Carcass, the wrong way is more in the vein of anything Chris Barnes has ever put to paper. This falls more in the second category. Fortunately, it almost feels like there’s not lyrics whatsoever since the vocals are delivered in a highly indecipherable way.

Despite everything I hate about this, the positives do outweigh the negatives in a way that I can still find enjoyment out of this. Unfortunately, after listening to it, I can barely remember any of what happened. All I know is that it was sick as hell and brutal as possible. Definitely worth at least listening to.