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Have a mindblowing trip! - 100%

kroke, September 12th, 2003

This atmospheric piece of art is the beginning and the end of mankind. This album - that IS no album - but a living creature! - consists of both Adam and Eve in their peaceful garden and the living hell of the four apocalypse riders as they scorch the earth! This PAINTING is so versatile that every human being that lets it spin two or three times beneath the needle gets stuck!

Such arrangements as "Earth Day" compared to the "edenish" "Nobodys Here" leaves a whole universe of imagination inbetween - but shockingly enough - as this compilation comes to its end, there is nothing left to feel! Devin Townsend has once again got it all under one roof and name: TERRIA!

As a note of more, well "hard information", I can say to you that expect a fully brutal death release - this is not what you will find. Expect much ambience combined with TV-static and progressive arrengements.

Have a mindblowing trip!