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Minion, December 14th, 2003


This can't be Devin Townsend, can it? The same Devin Townsend that brought the world such mind-melting brutality with albums such as City and Strapping Young Lad? Well, it is. And you know what? The man knows how to do atmospheric prog.

This is something else. This provides a very melancholy, apologetic, remorseful atmosphere around the songs, and at the same time it gives off the feeling of looking towards the future and new beginnings. The cover says it all nicely. This is perfect to listen to during a rainy day. The songs themselves are very nicely done. They can range from haunting acoustic passages (Deep Peace) to hateful, apocalyptic epics (Earth Day). Sometimes Devy just drops some hilarious lines like in Canada. Sometimes he chooses to show off his avant-garde skills and goes into an Arcturus-like mode. You can never truly know what to expect next because this album is just all over the place and it just blows your mind.

This album sounds exactly like its story, which is about Adam and Eve during the apocalypse. I have never heard an album that more fits its storyline better. The guitars are heavy and the keyboards haunting, and the bass is very groovy and of course Gene Hoglan is at his best, though I do like him better when he's thrashing. And in the middle of it all sits Devy himself, who lets loose a mixture of crooning clean vocals to his trademark hate-filled screams.

This is just incredible. I cannot describe the way this sounds in words, and I don't think Devin meant for me to be able to. You HAVE to listen to this to understand. This is truly a trip.