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Learn To Love It - 91%

sim_maiden, November 20th, 2004

Firstly, this is my first Devin Townsend album. I first heard him on the Steve Vai album "Sex and Religion". I loved the passion and commitment in his vocal work and when I found out that he had a solo project and SYL I quickly picked up this, Infinity.

Straight off the bat I didn't think it was anything special. It wasn't bad music, but I didn't like the production. Everything seemed so blurred and all over the place. It was like the man just kept adding more and more tracks and not caring about musical flow and direction.

Oh how wrong I was. The beauty of some music is LEARNING to appreciate it and in good time to love it. An album which you have to work on to like is often the most rewarding in the long run, and this is definately the case. I continued to listen to the album, and once becoming for familiar with the songs, I began to understand. Now I absolutely love this album and completely understand the direction Devin was taking.

Every time you listen to it there is something new to discover, something you didn't discover last time. This music is often beautiful and surreal, but can also be quite in your face, in a very good way of course.

The reason for the 91% rating is due to the song Soul Driven. It's a good song, but not on par with the rest of the album. I know that this rating will drag the overall rating of the album down, but honestly, if your still sitting here reading this review then there is something wrong. GET OUT and purchase this album! You will definately not regret it.

I know I don't.