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Interesting, to say the least... - 91%

dalton91, April 6th, 2008

"This album is best listened to when you have time and silence."

This is probably the least metal album that I own. And I'm proud of owning it, since there are only 500 copies of it made.

As a metal record, this would get a 0%. But it's not even a metal record. It's an ambient album. And it's interesting to say the least...

Many people will scorn this album for being just a bunch of humming and buzzing noises. It is, but there is a message hidden deep inside, making it a very reflective and introspective, deep piece of music. It contains Morse Code, flute samples, even Ravi Shankar.

Each track segues seamlessly into the other, making The Hummer, just like it's predecessor Devlab, a single, long winding soundscape divided into parts. This time, Hummer is much quieter than Devlab, and is therefore a relaxitive album (like music to fall asleep to), so listen to this when you have quiet. Any low frequency sounds (like if you were on a bus or train) will pretty much drown out the music.

All in all, this is a very interesting piece of work. In fact a masterpiece. But it does take some time to grow on you, so you will need time to listen to this.

Recommended to people with an open mind, and to any Devy fans also.