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Just a heavier Misfits - 40%

Black_Metal_Bastard, May 17th, 2004

All this album is is just a heavier version of the Misfits, and since I hate the Misfits, I don't like this album either. Goofy lyrics with 3-chord songs, boring, Danzig-rip off vocals, and bland drumming. I mean, the guy singing sounds EXACTLY like Danzig that it's absurd. This is total garbage of the lowest order. I like Morgan in Marduk and Abruptum, but why would he want to be in a blatant cover band like this? Yes, a cover band, as if you never heard of these guys and you put this on, you'd immediately think it was the Misfits.

Bottom line, only buy this if you are a diehard Misfits fan.